Cars will be hidden under Moscow

Scientists suggest to build underground parkings in city center through each 10 houses.
Scientists from MADI have presented an innovative program of parking space development to prefecture of the Central district of Moscow. An essence of idea is that through each 10 houses in areas of old building it is necessary to build the mechanized parking places. “МК” gets the project details.

— We consider that in the conditions of Moscow it is necessary to run two parking programs: one — for the center, another — for residential areas, — said the senior lecturer of chair of bridges and transport tunnels MADI c.t.s. Sergey Zege.

Absence of garages in dormitory areas of Moscow is bad. But total shortage of parking spaces in city center is even worse. Therefore experts suggest to begin a construction of parking places from heart of the capital. The first that is required, — on a maximum release streets from the cars standing at sidewalks.

To forbid “sediment” on roads directly tomorrow gathers nobody. At first it is necessary to give parking lots — but not free therefore. And not directly on the roads.

— In the center of Moscow it is necessary to give a priority to a construction of the mechanized parkings, mainly underground, — Sergey Zege is assured. — it is clear that any underground building at least is twice more expensive than the land. However taking into account earth cost in city center it is rational. We have developed a method of building underground constructions which allows to reduce the price of building on 20 %.

Here is how the mechanized parking works. The driver approaches on a special platform for cars reception and leaves the car. The rest — in literal sense a trick. The original mechanism-platform moves a car across and on a vertical to the place of storage. On the mechanized parking it is possible to place twice more cars, than on usual parking. The economy of space is reached by absence of passes between carplaces.

However, there can be a delay with reception of the car “on hands”. “Term of service of one car is 2—2,5 minutes. If there is no que. And if 10 drivers simultaneously approach, last will receive a car in 20 minutes. Now we work over reduction of term of service of one car about one minute”, — Sergey Zege speaks.

The mechanized parkings in areas of dense building are assumed on 50—100 carplaces. But there must be many of them. Perfect is to have them through each 10 houses. Thus it is necessary to forbid parking near to them, differently the majority of drivers will prefer to leave the car on road free of charge. And it will again cause traffic jams.

The program of parkings development for suburbs — absolutely another. If in the center mainly guest parkings are needed, some kind of “national garages” are necessary. But not such as build now, an absolutely different.

— In Moscow build garages with a usual grid of columns, it’s not convinient to put cars in such slots. What is important, people get carplaces with absolutely identical size — Sergey Zege continues. — We suggest to do “national garages” in which it is possible to group cars depending on the size. It gives certain economy to owners of small-sized cars. The owner of small “Matiza”, for example, will pay not 350 thousand rbl., but on 50-70 thousand rbl. less. And the owner of the big jeep — on 50-70 thousand rbl. more. But anyway he will save, because now he compelled to buy two carplaces to have place.

It is necessary to change the approach of building the “box” for garage. According to scientists, it is necessary to do garages without cellars, on pile support, with minimum ground damaging. Then it is not necessary to shift communications that will essentially reduce the price of the project.

And, at last, garage building programs in a housing estate should be initiated by inhabitants in a greater degree. Now a situation return: garage build, and then can’t be sell out. “We consider that it is absolutely unnecessary to take down old plane parking in the next years , — experts speak. — it is enough to cover with their designs to improve. It can be made quickly and rather cheaply”