Prt Zest

    (Dual mode personal rapid transit « PRT-ZEST»).

Achievements in the field of the automated control systems make real the creation of the automated transport networks which can provide a city with necessary throughput for free movement. Dual Mode PRT Zest – the transport of the megapolis combining qualities of the usual car and automated transport! It is a dual mode transport, it can move both on usual streets, and on special guideways in automatic mode without stops and stoppers.

This system is the potential kind of transport of the future. Original individual vehicle differs little from electric car or hybrid vehicle in outward.

But it can be used in the new way. You can be a user of special transport net. Make application for transportation, get the route-plot, drive to the terminal, go through the preparation and come with conductor rail. And You need nothing more to do. You’ll get to point of destination in time. Then You can leave the system in vehicle or leave it having set up the place and time where it must be waiting for You. Automatic controller drives the vehicle according to the optimal route and plot. It can also park Your vehicle in automatic parking in the system and will return it the place and time you need.

img11Advanced vehicle control systems allow except jams, raise traffic capacity, lower loss of energy. If You use this system regularly you will have enough energy saved in accumulators to continue Your way out of the systems for some distances.

You move in the closedIH097723 transport way. Softly, calmly, on pneumatic wheels, by special rail propulsive agents situated above the vehicle. These agents create the necessary propulsive force and they are electro trolley so that energy saves in accumulators. They co ntrol the vehicle easier and safety than a wheel. There are two agents. Trajectory can be changed resting upon one of them. This make movement in the crossroads more simple. Main ways of the system pass by overpasses that can be built high above buildings or (if the planning it very difficult) even under the ground in tunnels. Terminals for exits/entrances are situated on the first floors or underground. So the net is multilevel. The difference between levels of the route can account 10 meters. The vehicle has special abilities to move by these ways: it can change the positions of the propulsive agents so it can move angle-wise (angles can be 30-75%) not inclining the cab. It can move foreword and up or down simultaneously.


Getting to the terminal of exit/entrance that is situatedimg7 in 50 meters above the ground is possible through the transitional area. The length of this area is not more than 80 meters. Such an inclined passage will take 50 square meters of the city surface that is not more than descent to pedestrian underpass.

There are also enough vehicles-taxis in the system. They don’t leave the system, have the minimum size of accumulators. They transport passengers between terminals of exits/entrances. And the citizens are able to use both individual and public transport with single occupancy and high level of comfort.img3

Automatic control transports are able to move in small period of time, for example 1.5 seconds. In this case the traffic capacity will be 2400 vehicles in hour. With avimg2erage vehicle occupancy of 2-3 passenger the system can pass through one way up to 6000 passenger during one hour. By the way the area demanded will occupy in average500 square kilometers. It’s less in 10 times than other transports take from the city.

The size of a vehicle is 4000*180*2000, the mass is about 1500 kilos. So it can use the overpasses with low hoisting capacity. The costs for construction of this system is lower than of other transports. These constructions are thought to be covered in order to simplify exploitation and raise reliability of control for electrical equipment.

The owner of the vehicle would not be a hostage of transport situation in the city if there was an automatic systems. He wouldn’t be late. At the same time he wouldn’t be a hostage of an electric vehicle that has no ability to move out of the system. A vehicle always has energy in accumulations and it can easy turn into a hybrid car if it gets in touch with rail propulsive agent by diesel generator.