Tram Zest

    Rapid transit « TRAM-ZEST»

Everybody understand a sharpness of an environmental problem of cities, but unfortunately nobode can refuse using his car. With the occurrence of our system it isn’t necessary! TRAM Zest is an automated transport system, which can transport people and cargoes including cars with passengers on the special allocated ways, thereby adjusting movement in a city and considerably improving ecological conditions.

Our transport system is poten t ially transport of the future. Special platform-automatic jitney transporting passengers..
There are a lot of alternative ideas developed concerning rail transport in the world (PRT controlled by ITS). The introduction of these systems is not an easy thing because of the town planning factors., There is no free surface for building transport arteries in the cities , especially in their centers. This surface is occupied by roads, tramlines, railways, buildings and etc.The only chance for the systems is to place the ways on high overpasses or in tunnels. But in this case another problem will appear: how can we combine new system with the surface where cars and pedestrians move. The solution is the ability of a new transport to move vertically with no inclining of the cab. You move at the same time up or down and forward. Getting to the terminal of exit/entrance that is situated in 50 meters above the ground is possible through the transitional area. The length of this area is not more than 100 meters. Such an inclined passage will take 90 squaimg1re meters of the city surface ( the descend to the tunnel).

The parameters of the TRAM-ZEST platform (the size is 6000*2000*2000 and mass is 500 kilos and the terms of its movement allows it to move in relatively small tunnels and on overpasses with relatively low carrying capacity. The cost of its building is much lower than of transport construction for cars and trams.

You move in the closed transport wimg2ays. When the way is straight the tram moves with common wheels, when there is a descend or slope-with special propulsive agent that are placed on the transport or on the section of the way. Automatic controller controls the transport according to the optimal route and exact schedule. You can arrange that by one call by the Transit Telephone Information System-GPS.

The main ways of the transport system are on the overpasses that can have different height. Along the streets, above the buildings. In the most difficult areas the net will go in tunnels underground. Terminals for exit/entrance are situated close to the ground or under it. The kinds of platforms that can be used are:

* – for passengers with the fixed route,
* – passenger taxi,
* – the platform for transporting cars.
In one word this system can img4work as a tram, as a taxi and as a car transporter in the areas where they can’t pass because of different reasons. Using transporting of both cars and passengers allows to broaden the market of such equipment, to raise the number of users, to raise the efficiency of the infrastructure. This system combines principals of the PRT and the semi-Dual Mode approach for accredited cars.

The lines TRAM-ZEST can be used as transporters, transport lines for PRT or can form multilevel transpimg5ort nets. The areas of use of such systems are various: automatic parkings, transporters through local obstacles (rivers, roads) where it is difficult to build a road, transport arteries in the broken grounds and in the city transport system. All that can be arranged with one technical means.

The means of transport controlled by automatic system can move in short periods of time – 2 seconds. It provides the traffic capacity of 1800 platforms during an hour through one transport artery. If the platform has 12-14 place it can transport as much of the passengers as underground railway. But the cost of the last is much more than of the first mentioned while the level of comfort is lower. At the same time the system allows the accredited cars get where they need in a quick and comfortable way.